Where did the time go?

Wow! Three weeks holiday just flies past! And I'm already most of a week down back at school. Naturally, the mojo decided to rear it's head the weekend before everything started again and demand some fulfilment. It must be something about deadlines and time stress that leads to a need to add more to the to-do lists.

I managed to fit in some cutting out and then even managed to eke out a simple project to take most of a week (I'm following the 'one seam at a time' rule, Sherril - literally!). As a guide to you all - don't sew when you are really tired and trying to rush. I should have known better. Repeat after me - a twist cardigan should have the twist put in before having the shoulder seams sewn. Ahem. Insanity Stubbornness even led me to unpick said shoulder seam before I went to bed. I did, however, have the sense not to put the fabric near the sewing machine again that night. I now only need to hem the cardy but I'm also going to add some clear elastic to pull in the back neck (and hopefully the shoulders) a bit. Last night I was looking at it and thinking of taking out the twist and redoing the front edge as a normal cardy front. Hubby disagrees. He likes the twist. Sheesh! This would be about the only twist he's ever liked. The previous version. So, I will delay the decision by doing the elastic first before I have to decide. ;)

I also have a pair of trousers cut out from Vogue 7608, a Sandra Betzina jeans pattern. I've used a brown bengaline instead of denim, which means I'm either in for a pleasant surprise, or a pair of gardening trousers that won't show the dirt too much. :)

Off to do another seam on the cardy. I might even get it finished to wear out with friends tomorrow. (ROFLOL)


Sherril said…
Deadlines are deadly. I'm glad you did get something started before the free time was over. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how those SB jeans work for you.