Op-shopping, sewing and repairs

No Not much sewing this week. The pace of life has been hectic with uni started and kids on school hols. Thank goodness they go back tomorrow and we can get back to a normal routine.

Friday, DD1 and I snuck in a girly afternoon with some op-shopping and lunch. It was a nice break and something we don't get to do often enough. However, I think I've created a monster, lol. In one hour (and only one shop), DD1 found 3 tops, 2 jackets and 2 pairs of jeans and is now very keen to go back again. I have to say I'm impressed by how fast an 11 1/2yo can shop those racks and gather a mountain of clothes to try on. ( But, Whew! That's one less child with a clothes crisis)

Thank you to everyone who commented on the twist cardy. It was 4 votes for a higher twist, 3 votes for where it is and 1 for either. This really illustrates how different fabrics behave because I hadn't changed the pattern at all. The fabric just grew in the teal knit. Stabilizing the front edges would have solved this. I'll have to remember not to cut corners next time. (hanging head shamefacedly)
Angie, I posted details on how I did this when I first made it in my Ottobre with a Twist post.

Today I actually got a bit of sewing in. Such an exciting project too. I made a new shower curtain. You're probably wondering why I didn't just buy one. So am I! I used white parka nylon (from Spotlight) and sewed a 'privacy' curtain for the outside of the all glass shower on one side (the side facing the windows). This also has the added advantage of screening the loo in case anyone opens the door when.....well, with 3 kids we really, really need to get a lock on the door, lol. It was an easy task. Just a big rectangle with curtain wire in the top to attach it to two small hooks, and wire in the bottom to act as a weight. The hardest thing was getting the sides straight. (Woohoo, the 2 metres I used tipped my stash stats over to a net loss)

I also got time to fix a RTW t-shirt which was incredibly low-cut. I felt like a 17th century barmaid with everything falling out. :-o I replaced the inadequately teensy inset with a better sized piece, lifting the coverage factor by 6cm! Now, I'll wear it, but goodness knows what the designer was thinking. It explains why there were so many left on the sale rack. :)