I hate ice!

First off - I'm ok.

Let's just say that at 9.30 am the back of my van got ahead of the front of my van for a brief time. :( I don't know who was more scared, me, or the guy on the other side of the road. Luckily he pulled right over as I slid down the hill because I was using the center of the road! I hadn't even touched the brakes. It was simply a huge sheet of black ice which the council hadn't gritted because it was a late freeze (the ice actually got worse when the temp dropped at 9am!). I had to pull over and calm down before I could finish the very slow drive home and it took me about an hour to calm down fully.

Much more of this and I'm coming to visit Sherril for the summer!


Kat said…
Sure glad you're safe and sound! Black ice is the pits.
Sherril said…
Keely, how scary for you. You need some hot chocolate, preferably with Baily's Irish Cream stirred in. If that doesn't work, than come visit me and we can float together on inner tubes at the local water park. I hate going alone. DS has been bugging me to go and he is the age where you don't hang around with Mom. I'm so glad you're safe. Black ice is the worst.
Rhoto said…
Black ice is a TERROR when you're walking, too, eh!!
So glad you're OK!!
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
PS I offered "Futon & French toast" to come here... What BETTER offer does Sherril have?? Tee! Hee!!! (Maybe we'll BOTH go floating on inner tubes with HER, eh... Oh, oh... I'm ALERGIC to bathing suits!! Aaaaachoooo!!)