Where are the earplugs?

Today I braved the shops.

With my kids.

For school supplies.

Now when you put together kids, shopping, heat and boredom it has the potential to be less than pleasant. Then add in the crowds of similarly stressed mums with children in tow and it really becomes interesting. To put it mildly. But we made it out alive although my wallet was considerably lighter. Oh well, I'll console myself that next week they'll all be back at school. ;-)
I was saying this to my hubby and he thinks that I don't like having him and the kids at home. That's not entirely true. But how do you explain to a man who likes music on (preferably loudly) every waking moment that it can be nice to come home to a quiet house. No music, no tv, no squabbles discussions. Just a nice quiet house all to yourself. I mean, not all the time, just occasionally. After 6 weeks, I'm ready for a few occasions.

Right - off to add to the noise level and bang in some snaps!