More fabric, oops...

Well, another day at work and yet again I came home with fabric. I'm just not going to look at the stats in the sidebar. :-)

Today's purchases were....

a printed mesh fabric that I've liked for awhile. It's now 50% off so I had to have it didn't I? I think this will become an Ottobre Tee.

a polycotton knit for DD1. We're thinking a tank top.

and another pattern for DD1, Butterick 4970. She wants the centre top (the blue) in red with the insert from the skulls knit above. This is to wear over her new black skinny jeans.

Yikes! I better get sewing!


BF1 (hehehe) said…
Hmm, I'm liking that mesh - what are you doing to do about transparency? Line it? wear a cami? Those are definitely your colours.