Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jalie and Photos

Last night I was grumbling about net services etc and not being able to post the photo of my Jalie top. Then Hubby made a very good point - why is it I hate having my photo taken because I hate photos of myself, yet I'll happily splash photos of myself over pattern reviews and my blog? Weird, huh? I couldn't come up with a proper answer. The best I could do was that it was perhaps because in those photos the focus will be on the outfit. I hope. :)

Talking of photos... Not the smoothest segue but here it is - Jalie 2682:

Sorry, it is an absolutely awful photo, taken at night. The biggest problem with poly interlock is the static cling factor. Within a few moments this was sticking to me. Wearable perhaps - under a jacket, lol. Oh, and it still needs hemming.

Yesterday I made a quick dress for DD2 to wear for Medieval Feast day at school today. They were told they could just wear their party dresses but my poor deprived child doesn't have one of those that fits either, lol. I used a Topkids magazine pattern (Topkids 45, #9) and widened the sleeves a bit. I managed to squeeze the whole thing out of 2.0m of 112cm wide fabric. To do so I had to take out some of the sleeve flare I'd just put in and slide one of the back skirt pieces a smidgen off grain. That's another piece of fabric out of the stash, yayy!

We also made a Princess cone style hat and hung ribbons off the back. All in all, I felt quite productive getting that done, lol. When she got to school all the little girls were oohing and aaahing and she was beaming from ear to ear, so I think she's happy with it. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the look of the top on you,Keely.We are much the same colouring, so I also reckon that the colour is beaut!

Pyrose said...

That's such a cute dress, Keely. I know if my daughter saw that, she'd want one. However, I'm already going to be busy sewing her dresses. Glad your daughter loved it. Isn't so rewarding when your child loves something you sew?