Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes. Hugs right back at ya! 40 (gulp!) doesn't feel that bad, except for this vague nagging suspicion that I just don't feel grown-up enough, lol. It did however remind me to book the appointment at the hairdresser to cover up those 'natural highlights' that have become quite numerous.

My DD lives in her new Hello Kitty dressing gown as much as possible. She loves it and like Sherril, I think she'd be heartbroken if it wore out too soon.

Kat - I'll swap you the cold and the ice for a heatwave anytime!

Sherril -I didn't have the Baileys yesterday but I did have to have some chocolate to 'help', lol. This morning I was so nervous but luckily not much ice today, thank goodness!

Sherril and Rhoto - It's very tempting! But I don't know if it would be fair to inflict my pasty, untanned legs on the other patrons at the water park (and I'd have to shave them! There are some advantages to winter, lol). Floating on an inner tube sounds fun on a hot day though. I'll be thinking of that come Saturday as there's more snow forecast this weekend....

Sharon - Patternreview is great, isn't it? The SewingDownUnder thread is a bunch of very chatty Australians and New Zealanders and anyone else who wants to visit. It's located under the Regional Communities section. Or, if you look under the Active topics it's usually in the first page or two. :)


Pyrose said...

Sorry, I'm behind on the birthday wishes--busy and all. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Alicia said...

Belated birthday wishes to you! I hear you on not feeling grown up enough! I recently realized my 30th birthday is in view and I'm still in school and dressing in tees and blue jeans. Oh, well, I'm enjoying myself. :) Not helping are those magazines that love to showcase young professionals. If I read one more "here's Jane, a 22-year-old designer, nobel prize winner, and owner of eight lines of clothes, jewelery, and a small publishing company and WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE YOU LAZY SLOB AS YOU SIT THERE READING THIS???"

Ahem. Maybe I should stop reading so many magazines.... :)

Again, happiest of birthdays!