Friday, March 7, 2008

Just playing around

(Well, that's annoying. The photos originally posted fine but now they've disappeared. Okay, I've got them back. Everybody keep your fingers and toes crossed....)

I'm playing around with Blogger and seeing if I can change how I put photos in. These two are my 7yo sewing and then modelling the result.

This is the top she sewed (with a bit of help) that I posted about on Jan 25th here. It is Butterick 4970 sized down to a 8 because I had only bought the 12-16 sizing. This photo was taken before the extra was added onto the inset.

Answering a few comments:
Firstly, thanks to all who do comment. It's quite cool realising there are comments. I know I'm guilty of lurking on a lot of blogs and only commenting infrequently. (hanging head in shame....) Sorry! I'll try to do better. :)

Paula - My 2 girls aged 11 and 7 still like me sewing for them. The oldest actually thinks it's cool. She likes unique but similar and I'm encouraging her to start sewing for herself. The only one who doesn't seem to want me to sew for him is the teenager and I think that's more his inability to visualise a garment. Plus, he doesn't like having to wait for me to finish it. :)
Debbie - Ummm, the tee is dragging into it's third night. Your one-hour-tee record is safe, lol. Very safe. Oh, and thanks for the tip about 500 pixels for the pics. If I resize them before I upload them it works. Thank you!
MareeAlison - Hi! I've darkened the colour of the font. I hadn't realised it wasn't the darkest black. I think it makes it a bit more contrasted? I often just assume any blurry glare is just me and my glasses so it's nice to get feedback from someone else. I do enjoy the Pern novels and I re-read them often. I also liked her Tower and Hive series and all the Ship who Sang books as well. Pretty much all her books really, although the Pern are by far and away the best IMO. Have you seen the latest ones by her son?
Sigrid - I hope the wedge works on the Jalie for you.
Judy - Yes, I'm sure hubby would like the twist cardy without anything under it as well! However for the sake of everyone else, I might stick with a top underneath, lol.


Keely said...
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Kat said...

Oh you are so lucky! To have both daughters want you to sew for them. Only one out of two for me in my house, and the one that does has little interest in picking up a needle and thread. At least she can use the seam ripper though :) .

Paula said...

How cute are those photos!

Mom2fur said...

Wow, she's only 7 and she's sewing like that? Project Runway 2028, here we come!