Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Humming along

Just a quick post before I go off to learn all about Piaget's stage theory. I will say, it's very handy having children when you're studying development and learning. :)

I was so strong yesterday. I popped into Fabric Barn (as you do when you're passing i.e. only parked a block away) and saw a knit that I really really want need. But, I don't know exactly what top it would want to be so, I resisted adding to the stash. Would you believe I left without buying anything?! I was helped by my 11yo DD constantly repeating "want is not a need, mum". I keep thinking about it though so I think some will have to come home with me after Easter, if it's still there. And this time I won't take DD with me to the shop.

I wore my red top on Tuesday and got lots of compliments which was so cool (pathetic aren't I, lol). I never thought of myself as a red person but I guess this one works. It's just opened up a whole raft of new wardrobe possibilities. I might even have to go looking for more red fabric..... ;-)
On Tuesday I also got to meet up with 2 of my friends for lunch. Good company, donuts and gossip, what more can you ask? Well, ok, I suppose we could have done something productive.... nah! It was more fun to just unwind. I don't normally get to see Judy a lot since I finished work so it was good to catch up in person instead of by text. Those twins are certainly getting noticeable now!

My Ottobre Magazine is on it's way. I emailed Ottobre because I hadn't received it yet. Apparently there was a hiccup with my sub being put under the wrong number and not being put on the automatic list. Anyway, a magazine is being sent so all is well. I checked back and my first Ottobre magazine took 17 days to arrive. Then I was spoilt and my second order took only 8 days. It will be interesting to see how long it takes this time. (I can hear Judy chanting 8 days, 8 days...)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Piaget...Didn't that make me misty eyed(lol)with memories that seem from another life!! I agree that it would make more sense once you'd had the kids.
Trying to remember what I DID think about 40 years ago!!!!Mmmmm!!

Aless(who can't work out what her p/w is!!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you to resist the urge to buy more fabric...there's always tomorrow...LOL!

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