Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yayyy, it's Tuesday!

I love Tuesdays! Especially every second Tuesday when at least 2 other friends also have time off work and we have "girly day". Today we all got together at Bestfriend2's house for a chat and supposedly some work on craft/sewing projects. BF2 was looking after BF1's kids as well, so in the one house we had 4 adults (incl BF2's hubby) and 9 kids! Chaos was averted by the downstairs rumpus room coming into play, phew. It was great fun and even nicer getting a brief chat with BF1 when she arrived to pick up her kids.

I'd taken along a top I'd bought for the princely sum of $2.70 in a clearance sale. As a casual top it's great but (and there has to be a but) it was a little lower than I liked. I don't really think there's any need for everyone to see which bra I'm wearing underneath my clothes. I plan on unpicking the white insert in the V and cutting a higher (longer?) insert to sew back in. Needless to say it didn't get touched today. ;)

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Judy W said...

Yeah, and in 11 weeks I can come too! I won't be able to see my feet, so you guys will have to tell me if I forgot to put shoes on.......