Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Passing on the sewing bug

Today I spent the afternoon helping my 7 yo daughter sew. She has been begging all week to sew herself a top and when I came home with the Butterick pattern (4970) she was ecstatic.

Unfortunately, I'd bought the 12-16 sizing for DD1. When we went back to Spotlight this morning they were all out of the smaller size. Sigh, no being lazy. So, I sized the 12 down to an 8 while my daughter shopped my stash folder. Then came the adventure of extricating the chosen fabrics from the depths of the stash cupboard. (All my stash is boxed with the box number and a sample of fabric in a ringbinder. Plus, I have a map of where each box is in the cupboard. My bestfriend laughed at me for that (yes, Judy, you) but it sure does make it easier. )

DD2 chose a pink rayon/spandex knit for the top with a white mystery knit for the inset. She did really well. She pinned, help cut and did all the straight sewing herself. While she helped with the overlocking, I retained control. ;-) I was very surprised at the determination and perseverance she showed. At bedtime, all that was needed to be finished was the hem on the ruffle and the ruffle to be gathered onto the top. DD2 was torn between wanting to do it all herself and wanting to wear it in the morning. Because of work commitments, we wouldn't be able to get back to it for a few days, so she has gone to bed and I'm going to do the last bit for her. That way she can wear it (and show it off) tomorrow, lol.

I am so proud of her!


Liz said...

Keely, Great to hear that your DD is sewing. Tell her to keep up the good work. My DD1 (34yo) used to sew when she was young and through her teens and uni years and has taken it up again now that she is a mum to 6 month old Liam. She has a blog

Judy R said...

You betcha I laughed - a MAP?! Why not just introduce yourself as "Hi, I'm Keely, I have a stashing adiction problem."