Non-stash reduction

Sewing time has been scarce as the semester winds down with the subsequent increase in assignments due and then exams. However, only three weeks to go. I'm still checking in at Spotlight to see if the melton goes on special, but no luck so far. Wish they'd get a move on because I do like that purple, although I've found it will fray a bit. I might have to think about finishing the edges.

Meanwhile, I've succumbed to the joys of Trademe and bought fabric, plus I've visited Spotlight a few times ... - which I really don't need with the way my stash stats are going for the year! I will have to do some serious sewing in November and December to even this out a bit. Something stash consuming.... like bedsheets. Or a tent. Or a cover for the house. That should use up a bit, lol.

I bought 3 pieces of knit off Trademe as a test to see what the quality and service were like. I'd have to say thumbs up! Reasonable prices, very quick service ( I bought on the Tuesday, paid on the Weds and received the goods on Saturday) and the quality seems nice. Each piece came with a label with composition and care instructions which can be helpful.

Spotlight has contributed a couple of knits for cardigans for me, some nylon lycra for a swimsuit for DD2, a mesh for a top/jacket for me and a checked fabric for a shirtdress also for DD2. Photos will have to wait for another day as the camera batteries are all flat.

I'm looking forward to sewing some of this up. Just got to get two essays out of the way and 2 more exams. Sigh.


Judy Ross said…
Did you get the same swimsuit fabric that I got?
And look - I'm BACK ONLINE!!!!!
Don't forget - no study on Monday afternoon. You are required for girly day ;-)
Rhoto said…
Oh, I wanna "do" girly day, too, Judy!!
So nice to hear from ya, Keely!! Goooo, students!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
Mary Nanna said…
l notice you sew a lot of Ottobre - how do you find them compared to Burda? Did you subscribe on line?
(if you reply in the comments section I'll come back to check)

Fingers crossed for a bargain soon at Spotlight!
Keely said…
Hi Mary Nanna,
It's been a while since I've sewn Burda (actually it's been a while since I've sewn anything!) and to be honest I can't remember. I have a vague feeling the Burda were broader in the shoulders. I do have some Burda magazines waiting patiently for me.... I sew Ottobre because the tee was the first I'd ever had fit well. Plus by the time I found the Ottobre tee I was finally getting the hang of FBAs.
I subscribed from the website and it was incredibly easy. (Sometimes I think online buying is too easy, but that's another story :) )
Keely said…
Rhoto - we'd be keen to have you at girly day!!!
Sue said…
Look forward to seeing your coat - it is frustrating not to have time to sew, but not much longer to go!

BTW, I have selected you for a "Kreativ Blogger" award.