Blogiversary, a cushion and Oven Mitts

Oops, how on earth did I miss my first blogiversary? Ah well, maybe I'll do better on my 100th post - coming in another 9 posts! Guess I'll have to keep on sewing.

Today's sewing was bought to you by the letter 'C' and the letter 'M'.

'C' is for cookie cushion....

Just to maintain DD's giddy euphoria from her curtains, I also made her a cushion. It's pink with horses. Do you see a theme in her room? :)

I made a buttoned envelope-style cushion cover. Everything came from stash, including the buttons. That's another 0.5m for the Stash Contest. :)

..... and 'M' is for mitts. Oven Mitts to be precise.

The old ones were just shudderingly grungy, despite soakings in Napisan, so I felt no guilt in helping the tear get bigger so I could see what was inside. }:-) It turned out to be towelling.

I started out by creating a pattern from the old, grungy mitts.

NB: The measurements do not include seam allowance. I added a 1 cm seam allowance as you may be able to see in the photo.
Cut on the fold, 2 of the mitt pattern from the main fabric. Cut the desired padding, also on the fold.

Cut 2x full-sized pocket piece from the lining. Fold back the extra 2cm extension and cut 2x the pocket piece from the main fabric.

After a bit of testing involving a very hot tray, towelling and the remnants of cotton batting and the piece of thermal batting I had in the stash, I came up with a layer of the thermal batting (note: this is the thermal batting for making cooling lunchboxes etc) sandwiched between layers of cotton batting.

I lined the hand pocket with a checked cotton. I made the top layer of drill 1cm shorter so the lining would show as a band.

I sewed the top edge of lining and pocket, right sides together.Then I flipped the pieces right side out and lined the bottom edges up.

Topstitch the edge of the pocket piece. Place the bottom layer of mitt right-side up. Then the pocket, right-side down.

Continue adding the top of mitt (right-side down), then add the padding layer.

Pin together and sew around edges, leaving a portion along the side unsewn so you can turn it through. Turn through and handsew opening closed.

The final result.


judy r said…
OK, the cushion is very cute, and I am very impressed by your willingness to do buttonholes, but I'd still rather that C stood for Cookie. Lots and lots of cookies.
Kat said…
Cute pillows and now I know who to ask about making potholders! Very nice.
angie.a said…
Happy Blogiversary!! :D I forgot my 3rd last year. We'll have to party twice as hard for 4, LOL!