Sitemeter Code Causing Problems

If you've been getting the "IE cannot open the page. Operation aborted" message while trying to read blogs and some websites then the problem is the sitemeter code.
This is why my blog, among others, has been unaccessible today. Grrr. Once the problem is known it's not hard to fix - just login, go to dashboard and remove the sitemeter code. (I saved mine in a text file in case I want to put it back on later.

Good luck!


Vicki said…
Thanks Keely, I was having the same problem, so watched Youtube instead! I thought it must have had something to do with blogger.
Rhoto said…
Hi Keely! Thanks for the lovely comment on Rhoto's Rag!!
What IS a "sitemeter code", anyway??
ALWAYS computer-confused Rhonda