If you can't sew, buy

I managed to get to Spotlight this week and picked up a few patterns to add to my (mumble mumble) 500+ stash. Vogues were on sale so I picked up a couple I've had my eye on -

Vogue 1034 Because one day I will make a pair of jeans for myself

Vogue 1036 I like the details on this jacket.

Vogue 2967 I'm not sure about this in a woven but I like the details for a knit top/t-shirt.

Plus I picked up Simplicity 3514 for my two daughters for summer.

I won't get to making any of these for a couple of months. This weekend's plans involve overlocking the edges of a bundle of hug rugs for school, a nightie for me and hopefully I'll get a start on a jacket.

This will all be around looking after my youngest daughter who ended up in the Emergency Dept last night. Friday night is not a time you want to have to go to ED unless you're prepared for a looonng wait. But if you do, a child with blood all over her face who goes really whoozy gets you through faster..... only to be told you have to sit there for 4 hours observation to check for concussion. Let's just say it was a long evening. The result being a diagnosis of mild concussion, broken nose and a minor fracture requiring a cast on her arm. It was a hard lesson to learn that when Mum says you can't rollerblade without helmet, wrist guards and pads, she might know what she's talking about.


Kat said…
Those are some great patterns you have there! I especially like the top with the diamond cutout.

Sometimes kids have to learn the hard way. I've been telling my 16-year old she's been hitting the tennis courts way too much in prep for the current Varsity season. Last Monday I had to take her to the orthopedist because she has tendonitis in her shoulder and wrist. Thankfully, it was not rotator cuff issues. Rest wasn't actually on her agenda as per the doctor's orders, but when she had to forfeit her last match (was winning too!), she is finally taking a rest. She's going stir crazy. And she's also really cranky--I'm sure it really bothers her to know Mom was right.
Vicki said…
Look on the bright side - she might actually listen to you now when you talk about drugs and boys! (well we can hope can't we?).

Hopefully she will mend well, and I think you need some new fabric to match the patterns to help you get over it all!!
Alicia said…
Poor kid, not a fun way to learn a lesson! I hope she has an easy recovery and a long memory of what happens when you don't listen to mum!