Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Kitty Dressing Gown

The last week seems to have gone so fast! Unfortunately the exam adrenaline wore off and I've been in a blah state this week so not a lot of sewing has been accomplished. I think my sewing mojo decided to take a break too. :(
On the other hand I have gone and got firewood from my sister's farm several mornings so something got accomplished.

With the cold weather DD2 had been complaining that her dressing gown was too short. Stash to the rescue! I had a Hello Kitty polar fleece from a year ago aging nicely just waiting for it's opportunity. I used Butterick 4340 which I think is now OOP.

This was an easy pattern although I wasn't impressed at having to slipstitch down the upper collar. Hand sewing on a child's dressing gown!? Helloo! What were they thinking? But I did it, reluctantly. Like I said, the sewing mojo had deserted me and I was resorting to following instruction sheets. (Shaking head)

I made a size 10 for my 7 1/2 year old. She's wearing size 8 normally and I figured a bit of growing room would not go amiss. It's ended up the perfect length in the body and about 4 cm too long in the sleeve which can easily be rolled up.

Apparently, it's lovely and warm. :)

The castle project has finally been delivered to school so no more polystyrene bits everywhere, yay! Better still, the table is getting cleared so I'll have a tracing surface to use for a Jalie pattern. I did trace the dressing gown pattern using my cutting board and sitting on the floor. I soon regretted it though - my back hadn't forgiven me for stacking all the firewood under the terrace and working on the floor was the last straw. Must be old age. ;)


Sherril said...

We were all in a slump there. I'm glad you're back at sewing. I enjoyed reading about the cold at your place. It was 106 degrees here yesterday and today promises the same.

The robe is very cute. When I was that age my DSis made me a robe that broke my heart when it wore out. I'm sure she'll get years of use out of it.

Paula said...

Too cute and looks warm, too! I love Hello Kitty.

Bunny said...

Darling robe. It looks so warm and cuddly!

Kat said...

Oh, I love that robe!!! Makes me wish it was cold right now. We're in the midst of summer with very warm weather. My legs are a rashy mess and the crease of my left arm has an itchy rash that makes it look like a druggie's arm. Isn't that awful? Makes me self conscious when going to the gym. And forget shorts! No one wants to see my rashy legs.

So I'm very much appreciating that winter robe! Makes me long for winter...

CharityinAlaska said...

Oooooo...aahhhh...that robe looks so cozy! :)