Sunday, June 22, 2008

Closing Down Sales...

There's an alarming trend in my stash stats. After that dent from clearing all the baby fabrics to Judy they were quite pleasingly in the negative for the year. Well, we all know how it goes - when you clear a gap, it just begs to be filled again.

My downfall this time was a closing down sale for a local knitwear and clothing company. I have had some beautiful quality fabric from them in the past, so of course I had to check it out (although, showing some restraint I waited a week before I went). Imagine my pleasure when I walked in to see large boxes of knits to sort through and all fabric priced at $15 kg. Yep, by weight. These knits are all excellent quality too. Sigh, heaven is digging through boxes of fabric.

So my stash stats took a major dent. Here's the haul:

The colours are off a bit. From left to right, Top row - There are two different pinks at the top, each one big enough to make my youngest DD a cardy. Middle row - a soft navy lighter knit (this has merino in I think and will be for making thermal tops); A mauve wool acrylic for me; black wool/acrylic; some black ribbings. Bottom row - a deep brown/aubergine knit, it is a lot darker in real life; black wool; black wool/merino. These worked out to about $8 metre. :) I'm sure you can all understand why the stash stats had to be ignored.

I also got some pins....

.... a bunch of zips to add to the drawer of zips I already have, and enough domes to last me a lifetime at $4 for 2000 sets of the small silver ring domes. I foresee decorative domes on everything, lol.

Now to chain down that mojo, cross fingers for a snow day, and hit that sewing machine!


Sherril said...

It looks like you got some warm fabric there. You'll sew it up right away and not stash it, so it doesn't count. Those are very unusual looking pins, I like them. However, I even googled decorative domes and I still can't figure out what they are.

Paula said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what decorative domes are! Fabrics look nice, though.