I own how many?!!

I've been in a "kinda wanna do some sewing but really can't be bothered" funk for the last couple of days. (Curse those foreign cold/fluey bugs that my brothers bought from overseas.)
Given that the sewing mojo seems only too keen to go on vacation at the most inopportune times, I thought I better engage in something sewing-related to try to keep the mojo interested. So I decided I'd be practical at the same time and organise all the patterns that had been stuffed into any available spot pulled out and stored for future use and actually file them. You know, with the other patterns, not just in the nearest available spot. Having done that, I felt it was only right to get really carried away and enter them into my Patternreview catalogue. Besides, it meant I could stay sitting down and given the case of the dizzies I had at the time, that was probably a good idea.

The catalogue feature on Patternreview is great. Very useful. Admittedly, perhaps more useful if I took a printout with me when I went to Spotlight, but it lets me know I've bought two of the same pattern as soon as I enter my new purchases in. It even gives me a total of the number of patterns in my stash. Much like the actual count of fabric metreage I own, this is a number that should not be displayed anywhere my DH could see. But I'll take a risk (in the knowledge that he rarely reads my blog) and whisper...


Yes, that was (gulp) 536 patterns I own. Not counting the Ottobre, Burda or Topkids magazines, cos how on earth would I count those? There's absolutely no way I'd be adding them in on a count per magazine. Even just taking each magazine as 1 pattern would push the count up drastically.

Would you believe I was relieved at that number?! Cos folks, I honestly thought I owned more than that. Now I'm left wondering if there is a pattern blackhole somewhere in my lounge just waiting to spit out a box of patterns when I'm not looking.

Next sewing project - cricket trousers for my DS - and I even have a pattern I should be able to use... :)


beangirl said…
wow. it finally happened. someone who has something more than me. I am SO RELIEVED! LOL Because, while I haven't counted my patterns, I don't think I have 550.


Hmm. Maybe I should count before I feel so proud of myself. I you are so right: magazines just Don't Count.

Yay for using an existing pattern!!
Rhoto said…
Keely, you're a HOOT!! (I've got a too-many-# of 61 patterns & felt/feel the "g" word for THAT!!) Tee! Hee!!
Your secret is safe with me, eh!! ;) "Hey, TOny!! THIS gal has many more patterns than I do!!" Ooophs... I told...:(
Soft hugs!!
RHOnda in Montreal
Just this morning I recalled fondly an under-desk filing cabinet that had a single file drawer. I used it to store patterns side-by-side and all fit in. That was 3 years ago. I have 6 IKEA 'cardboard' boxes that don't fit all of my patterns now. *How did that happen?* (Crawling back under the sheets)