Tempted by the Ottobre Coats

Cold, snowy days remind me that I need a winter coat. Of course it's officially spring, the plum trees are covered in blossom, and we've had a few weeks of lovely warm days to end winter on. But today is cold and raining with hail and snowy stuff at times, and did I mention cold? I know that some of you have colder, like if you live in Alaska (Hi Dawn!), but I'm a wuss and I'd let the warm weather lull me into a summer mentality. So I'm declaring it officially cold here. :)

In the latest Ottobre Woman are a couple of lovely coats.

I love this coat and I think it would be lovely out of the navy wool cashmere I have in the stash. But it would need a "little" bit of fit adjustment which requires time.

In the same issue is this coat, which looks like it would be a quicker sewing project. And the sizing is closer.

I even found melton at Spotlight. And in purple. It's so tempting..... but it's $39.95m and this coat takes around 2.6 metres. Maybe I should sacrifice some of my navy cashmere ( I think I have over 6 metres, possibly 9 or 10m). But the purple just looks so cheerful. I will have to think about it some more.


Mary Nanna said…
How exciting ! How I love winter coats and Mainlanders get so much more time to wear them in a year. Can you believe that it's already too warm for my winter coats and I'm having to move to lighter jackets?

I can't bear to think of cashmere being sacrificed! I'm a great fan of the right fabric for the right coat. My advice? Make what you think you'll love wearing no matter what the cost.
Sew4Fun said…
Keely, I love both these Ottobre coats too. I know the cashmere you speak of (I also have lots in my stash). Be aware that I found it ravels ever so slightly so the edges need to be finished in some way. Narrow overlocking works well without stretching the edge in my experience.
Judy Ross said…
Hmm, I think Mary Nanna and Belinda are both right. If the cashmere is the right fabric for the coat, it's not being sacrificed. If you really want the purple wool melton (and why wouldn't you?) just tell the kids it's beans on toast for a couple of weeks and enjoy your gorgeous purple coat. Just make something because as soon as you do it'll get too hot to wear a winter coat and I don't like the cold either!
Kelley said…
Go for the purple! It looks so much fun. The navy will make a fabulous coat next time! :-)
Kelley said…
Go for the purple! It looks so much fun. The navy will make a fabulous coat next time! :-)
Kat said…
And I still have to finish my bathing suit! We're heading into Fall right now. Those are really nice coats so I also must get thinking in "coat-mode".