All done

Phew! I finally finished the mattress covers for my brother's caravan! I have of course procrastinated over these. First I had to get the more urgent projects out of the way and lets face it, when it comes to a 'have-to-do' project, anything is more urgent, lol. Then I had to wait for the continuous length zipper to arrive at Spotlight. (and wait....and wait....). Then, when DB rang to ask if they'd be ready for the weekend, I had to play imaginatively with the zippers that were in store, eventually coming up with an arrangement butting 2 zippers end to end (pullers in the middle) to get the length. Finally, after facing the fact that I needed to get these finished at some point, I readied myself to tackle them.

In reality these were just very large box cushion covers. They shouldn't have been difficult. However, DB and DSisIL had chosen the fabric from hell.


I mean, this fabric has knocked satin from the top of my 'hate-to-sew-with' list. It even put the 'creep' factor when sewing velour to shame. A walking foot might have helped, but I don't have one for my machine. Instead, I had to go for loosening the presser foot pressure by quite a bit. (Much looser and I'd have been darning, lol) To top off the sorry saga, I ran out of upholstery thread but another Dsis came to the rescue by buying some on her way over to visit, which meant I could get the danged things finished tonight and I can deliver them tomorrow morning.

I should acknowledge I learnt several things doing these:

- when it comes to a 'have-to-do' job, it's better to just bite the bullet and get on with it! Whilst trying to summon up the willpower to start these I sewed nothing else. I felt guilty even thinking about other projects. Think of the wardrobe I could have had! (Unless I'd procrastinated on that too, lol.)

- I need kneepads if I'm going to crawl around the floor measuring and cutting out large rectangles. My knees reminded me I was not that young anymore after the couple of hours it took to cut these out. I also need a bigger lounge, or no furniture, if I do this again.

- it is a good idea to open the zipper when you sew the second side of the cover to the boxing strip. Yes, I really did forget this one.

- it is not a good idea to sew large amounts of bulky upholstery fabrics on very hot days!

Unfortunately this fabric doesn't count as from my stash. One of my urgent projects did however.
I had to sew a wrap skirt for DD1 for school last week after the shock of what the uniform supplier wanted to charge for a simple skirt. I took a pattern off the too small version, sized it up, (realised too late that I could have got DBro, the pattern-drafter, to make a pattern for me...) cut and sewed. Luckily I had 1.8m of a perfect navy in the stash bought for this purpose last year. I was working out pockets, pleats etc as I went and I'd change a few things if I was to do it again. Hopefully I won't have to tho, as I took a tip from the suit-hire outlets and sewed the waistband in seperate pieces. If I ever need to let it out, it's a simple sideseam stitchline. :)

Now to find where that mojo is hiding so I can get onto some sewing for me tomorrow.


kbenco said…
Oh Keely, this post resonates with me, I was sewing cushion covers (fortunately not mattress size - your relatives owe you!) and school uniforms this weekend too. It was not exciting. IMO your mojo was probably flattened under the enormous pile of upholstery fabric and will need a little while to plump up again after crawling out from underneath. Hope it fattens up fast!
judy r said…
At last they're DONE, and GONE from your life. I can so relate to how having to do something sucks all enjoyment from even contemplating doing something else. Sometimes I just sew whatever is begging to be made, just to get it out of my system before going back to whatever I'm supposed to be doing. I figure that if I'm procrastinating anyway, I might as well enjoy it!

My mojo is back with a vengeance. Maybe I could get it to have a word with yours over a spot of coffee (or chocolate?)
Kat said…
Ah...the last few lines of your post really caught my attention regarding the uniform supplier cost. Next year we're going to uniforms (well, the school calls it a standardized dress code), but dress/Docker style pants are a must. They're typically still more expensive than jeans though. And jeans are much more sturdier for the younger kids who go out for recess. With our terrible economy and people losing jobs left and right, there's sure to be an uproar next September when the new school year begins. Hand-me downs are staples and now many parents will have to buy entirely new wardrobes for every child since it's K-12. Too bad there wasn't a 2-year phase in period to ease the economic burden. You know I'll be sewing some pants and other pieces to help build up the kids' clothing options. Actually the boys only. The girls are way too picky.