Yes, I'm still alive

I've been terribly neglectful of my blog. Uni has been keeping me busy, but I've now handed in my (42 page!) research report. I'm slowly recovering from the effects of typing that much (RSI and, ahem, the effects of all the nibbles necessary for such an undertaking) and now I've just got a couple of exams to go this year. Then it's 8 weeks holidays, so I'll be getting some sewing done then. :)

Because I can't wait to do something sewing, I've been busy stimulating the economy.
First up, I decided to get those Ottobre magazines I've been thinking about before the dollar dropped too far. Winging their way to me are:



and 4/08

So when they arrive I'll have no excuse not to be inspired.

But it's not just magazines I've been buying. ;) Yesterday, I 'forced' myself to head along to Spotlight's 20% off sale and liberated some fabric. (There goes the stash stats!)

Brigitte brown/stars jersey knit; Sweethearts jersey Blue knit; double-sided Spots and Stripes knit; Tie-dyed viscose/rayon/elastane; white with blue stars cotton unbrushed sweatshirting; Pink fizz knit swirl, viscose/rayon/elastane

One other piece has already been made up into a tee-shirt for my DD2 using Kwik Sew 2503 again. And what a pain it was too! Not the pattern - the pattern is my TNT for my DDs. Nope. The fabric was shoddy to say the least. Once it was prewashed, the fabric reverted to it's natural shape, which involves being printed quite a bit off-grain. It didn't look like this on the bolt so it must have been seriously stretched when rolled. Plus, 0.8m shrunk to 0.7m! Serves me right for not checking the print against the grainline. DD can wear it, but it'll be a very casual/pj top. (Although she likes it... but do I really want this seen in public?)

This is how far off grain the print is - the ruler is 'on grain'. I'm expecting the side seams on this are going to twist.

Tomorrow I really should get to studying.......


Rhoto said…
Hi Keely!! Thanks for saying, "HI"! I've MISSED 'ya!!
Good for you to work so hard at University!! We're just lovin' AUDITING our course, eh... (No papers, no exams. No credit. We've already got LOTS of cards!! Tee! Hee!)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal
Dawn said…
Congratulations! I really need to get on the Ottobre bandwagon. They have such cute kid stuff.