Saturday, November 7, 2009

And the Award goes to....

Exams are over! Woohoo! I celebrated with a glass, ahem, bottle of wine. Then I hibernated for a few days. At the end of semester we found out my Dad has cancer and between that and exams, I was left feeling decidely unsocialable. With the kids at school, I got to spend a few days lounging around in rumpty jeans and tees and reading totally trashy chick lit. But tomorrow I'm being sociable and heading off to meet up with my friends. I'm worried I may need a name badge to remind them who I am, lol.

Sue at Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue has been kind enough to award me this:

Thanks Sue!

As part of this I need to tell you seven things you may not know about me and then nominate seven other blogs I love to follow. What might you not know about me? (Some of these may not come as a surprise e.g. #4)

1. Well you may have gathered this already, but I have finally finished my BA degree and barring some catastrophe will have it in my hand within the month. :)

2. I dislike ironing. I really dislike ironing. To the point that I have been known to wet clothes and put them back through the dryer so I can pull them out and hang while hot. Consequently there is a large pile of clothes waiting to be rehabilitated into household wardobes. Or put through the dryer. ;)

3. I would prefer to clean the bathroom than iron 'the pile'.

4. I purchase on impulse. That's why I have a stash. A very large stash. Not just fabric but patterns too. Far more than I could ever realistically sew.

5. I have six brothers and 4 sisters. And I'm the oldest.

6. My husband is awesome. He truly is. The last few years I have been studying he has been my lifeline to sanity, whether it's proofreading, listening to my recap of lectures or sneaking me into the Uni staff club for cheap hot chocolates. So far he hasn't run screaming from the idea of my post-graduate studies which could take the next 5 years.

7. I have read all the Twilight series and enjoyed them. I also want to see the movies - yay for daughters which give me an excuse to go.

Now to nominate 7 others. I always hate having to pick just a few of the many, many blogs I follow, but I know how cool it is to receive an award so....

Everything Just Sew

Rhotos Rag

Quality Time

Beangirl: The Blog

Ummm, Ummmm, I'll come back and add the other three tomorrow. :)


Sue said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Well done for finishing the unit year - have some time off and fun now!

Sue said...

That's uni year...

beangirl said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad (I hope he will have some positive news) and happy to hear you took some time for yourself (honestly, I get tired and stressed out just reading your blog posts some days, I couldn't do it!! But then, I think we've established that I'm lazy. lol)

I have to ask, because somehow I haven't ever picked up: what is your degree IN anyway? LOL I hear a lot about it in your post, but I don't know that I ever figured out what the topic was. Or I just wasn't paying attention. The laziness apparently has now extended to my brain. I'm not as sharp as I used to be.

And thanks for the nomination!! :-)

Mary Nanna said...

Congratulations on finishing your studies - studying and family duties sure make for a busy busy life.

the oldest of 11 - so you must be a Catholic family .. we probably know a few people in common - we were in the Cathedral parish and I went to St Josephs

Ah that's Dunedin for you.

Oh well being the oldest of 11, hard work must come naturally to you!

Rhoto said...

Hi Keely!!
Does it "count" that I received the "older, other" Kreativ Blogger award?? (Hope NOT!! ;))
At that time, I neither completed the questionnaire nor passed the award on... :(
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)