Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tempted by the Ottobre Coats

Cold, snowy days remind me that I need a winter coat. Of course it's officially spring, the plum trees are covered in blossom, and we've had a few weeks of lovely warm days to end winter on. But today is cold and raining with hail and snowy stuff at times, and did I mention cold? I know that some of you have colder, like if you live in Alaska (Hi Dawn!), but I'm a wuss and I'd let the warm weather lull me into a summer mentality. So I'm declaring it officially cold here. :)

In the latest Ottobre Woman are a couple of lovely coats.

I love this coat and I think it would be lovely out of the navy wool cashmere I have in the stash. But it would need a "little" bit of fit adjustment which requires time.

In the same issue is this coat, which looks like it would be a quicker sewing project. And the sizing is closer.

I even found melton at Spotlight. And in purple. It's so tempting..... but it's $39.95m and this coat takes around 2.6 metres. Maybe I should sacrifice some of my navy cashmere ( I think I have over 6 metres, possibly 9 or 10m). But the purple just looks so cheerful. I will have to think about it some more.

Technologically challenged

First up - a big thank you for the kind comments and support after my last post. I guess my 'Mommy' panic gene kicked in big time for a bit. But, once I caught up on some sleep, had another chat with the doctor and been sent a whole lot of stats by a friend who works in oncology, I was much calmer. Now we're just waiting and seeing (and crossing fingers etc).

Today I discovered why some people (namely, me) should not be allowed to own modern technologies like mp3 players.

To understand why, you have to know some background - for instance, that I am tone deaf. Can't sing for peanuts. No really - I'm awful. Just ask my family. If I busked, people would pay me to stop. (In fact when I sing at home, my kids do ask me to stop - once they've stopped laughing). On a funny aside - I was in the school choir for years. How you ask? Well I'm also a dab hand at lip synching. :)

Anyways, I like singing along with songs on the stereo,..... and the radio,........ and my mp3.... (you get a hint of where this is going?)

Now we add in the wildcard. My cellphone, which has it's own resident gremlin. I have a tendency to shove my phone in my jeans pocket. Note, my phone is not a fliptop, so it can be very easy for the gremlin to 'accidentally' call someone (as Judy knows. Goodness knows how many times Judy has been rung by my phone, or how many dollars have been spent for her to listen to me doing my groceries.)

Soooo, today I'm driving home. I've pulled my phone out of my pocket and put it on the seat beside me; I'm listening to my mp3 and belting out a wonderful (well, if you're tone deaf it sounds good) version of Greenday's 'American Idiot'. All is going well.....

......until I stop at a traffic light and look down at my phone.... Oooops! Still if I had to embarrass myself, at least it was my sister on the other end. Although she's threatening to report me for the use of torture, lol.

Apart from humiliating myself, I've finally finished a cardigan. I blatantly copied a cardigan Judy had made for herself. Heck, I even borrowed the pattern from Judy and got her to explain the changes she'd made. Then for some insane reason I made it a size bigger than I normally would through the shoulders. Mehh, but it's wearable and seeing as we seem to have reverted back to winter, it'll get worn. I'm debating a piece of ribbon across the inside back to keep the shoulders from slipping further down.

This is adapted from Burda WOF 7/2007 #128 The Wrap Shirt. You can see Judy's sketch of how she adapted it. Isn't she clever! I love the neckline/collar on this. Lovely and toasty warm for wintery days.

A couple of blurry photos. I'm not sure what is up with the camera but it seems to be having trouble staying focussed. The dirty mirror didn't help either. I've also lightened these up considerably so you have a slight chance at seeing something....

And look - I even mitred the corners!
Well, I'm off to continue my Literature search (Yay for electronic databases!) and torture the cats with my singing.... :)