Monday, January 12, 2009

Curtains at last.

For about 2 1/2 years my DD has been waiting for these to get made. The Stash Contest over at Patternreview gave me the impetus to finally get around to it. That, and the thought that it may not be too long before an 8yo grows out of pink and horses (although the horse-mad 12yo has offered to have them despite the pinkness, so who can tell?) Because these are entered in the contest I've posted a review with some meagre details. I was adding the patterned fabric over partially made thermaldrapes, although it could have been easier to start from scratch, lol. Honestly, I just winged it - after all, they really are just big 'squares'. Despite that, for some reason I managed to keep the elastoplast manufacturers in business as I discovered the point of what felt like every, single pin.
Of course, new curtains meant rearranging the bedroom. I managed to spend 5 hours in DDs room helping her rearrange, sort and declutter. Phew!


Kat said...

That's cute fabric! DD#2's friends would LOVE it. One of her friend's parents owns an Equestrian place with a huge barn and everything. They board horses and give ride lessons. Last year when I made pillowcases for her friends for Christmas, at least three of them were horse themed ones.

judy r said...

"Despite the pinkness"? LOL - S must REALLY be keen on horses! I'd better not show these to G.....