Monday, October 20, 2008

15 minutes at a time...

I've managed to fit in some sewing-related activities over the past week around everything else..

I traced, and cut out a hoodie jacket for my DD1 from an original 1980s sweatshirting- white with fluoro yellow smiley faces printed on. It was a squeeze. I started off with less fabric than required for the pattern and then there was a corner cut out as well, but I got it all on in the end. It just requires me to dig out a white zip. Somehow, I don't think I'd have much luck finding a fluoro yellow zip. ;)

Today, I went on a stash dive for specific knits. It was helped by 'the map' of my stash cupboard but it still required moving 14 boxes (possibly, just possibly, I might have a bit too much stash). Naturally, one of the boxes I needed was in the very bottom back corner. Then I traced out Ottobre patterns while the fabric preshrank. I've got tops and leggings to make for 2 nieces and a set for my DD2 for summer. That was as far as I got but at least everything is pulled out, ready to get started.

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Salinda said...

Just think how much harder it would have been without your 'map'! ;) I recently did a sort of my stash. While I was embarrassed to admit to the hubby how much I have, I have used more pieces from it lately!

As for a fluoro yello zip, if you really, really want one, send me the length. Our local Hancock's Fabrics had some really awful colors on clearance a few weeks ago. I wouldn't mind going to check for you. Don't know how long it takes the mail to travel from here to there...