Sunday, March 31, 2013

Almost forgotten what free time is

Much excitement this last week as my thesis is finally finished and off to the examiners. I submitted on Monday and every day since has seen me out and about catching up with people and having celebratory coffees. Luckily the BFF's see me occasionally at crafty nights so I didn't quite need a nametag. Now I'm enjoying a thesis-free Easter - boy does it feel strange not to be thinking that I should be in at work! Next up is an article by end of April. 5000 words after the 'book' that is my thesis? - no problem, lol.

I have all these lists of 'Things to do once I finish my thesis', including of course some sewing if my machines haven't drowned under the dust of neglect.  - Painting the lounge, bedroom and bathroom; cleaning the oven (groan); cleaning the fridge (groan again); finding the garden under the weeds; sew myself some new tops; consider making the dress from the new Ottobre; destash some fabric to empty the cupboards, etc. You get the idea. I don't know if the three months I have off over winter is going to be long enough.

In other exciting news, I found a post on how to wrestle underwires into submission, meaning I can now wear my new fancy schmancy underwire b ras for more than ten minutes without sustaining bruises on my arms, or having to buy new smaller wires which was suggested by the lingerie fitter. Ok, so maybe most people won't find that exciting.....

Right I'm off to find that dining table so I can trace out a pattern. I know it's there somewhere underneath all that crap......

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Katharine said...

Hi Keely, congratulations on turning in your thesis! Have a Happy Easter :) Me too I don't sew or blog very much with work and family happily taking up my time, but it will come back at the right moment. Oh! Amazingly enough the address in your Catcha protocol is the same as my girlhood home. Neat! This is Katharine in Brussels in case my husband's account is signed on :)