Saturday, January 7, 2012

My latest crochet project

I've mentioned that I've rediscovered crochet and it's become my new craft - to be honest it's about the only craft I'm getting time for lately. It can be quite addictive, not to mention it's a heck of a lot easier to pick up a crochet project to take to craft night, than a sewing project.

My latest project is going to take me a while - the 'Granny's colour palette throw'

I was impatient and used Spotlight for my yarn source so any hope of getting 11 shades of any colour went right out the window immediately. So my throw will be more 'vibrant' i.e I went for bright colours cos that's all SL had, and that was enough of a struggle.

There are a lot of squares in this throw - yes they're only 2 round granny squares, but I'm not going to win any awards for speed crochet especially on granny squares which I only just learned to do. So I'm looking at 374 squares total, 248 of which will be black.

So far I have this huge pile of yellow squares - 

Also pictured are my first granny square I completed in blue, and the 'daisy' granny square I tried out.
I calculate that if I do 2 squares per day I might have this finished by the middle of winter. That doesn't sound a lot really does it?

Before I found this project to throw more money at  brighten my winter, I had been playing around crocheting easy scarves.

A cream angora wool scarf which is lovely and soft.

Plus a much longer variegated scarf from a lovely soft acrylic for my daughter. I have enough yarn left for arm warmers or a beret, or possibly both.

And in the UFO pile is this scarf which has been undone so many times I'm sure I've crocheted at least a metre or so which is no longer there. I like the effect of the yarn/ribbon combo (which looks much prettier in real life), but it's not a nice yarn to crochet. At the moment this has been put to one side to think about whether it wants to behave for me or not. 

 Right - off to declutter some more!


Judy Ross said...

Oooh - your granny squares are way better than that first one I showed you!

Sue said...

Another crocheter! I have started crochet again lately and am really enjoying it. The granny square rug looks great!
Good work on the de-cluttering - I should follow your lead on that one.