Friday, August 21, 2009

I need sleep!

This morning I took DD1 to the Doctors. Nothing too urgent we thought, but the only time we could get into see 'our' doctor. We ticked off the few things that needed checking and then DD thought to mention the 'stiff, lumpy neck'.
Now the Doc is great and very calming, but even though it was preceded by "I don't think we need to do a...", the word 'biopsy' is one word that a mother does not want to hear mentioned in relation to her daughter! Rationally, I know he's not too worried, that we're on a monthly check-up for 6 months and often they go away by themselves.... but in my sleep-deprived irrationality, all I can think is that the possibility is still there that in 6 months if the lump is still there, or if it gets any bigger, there will be a biopsy to check for the big 'C'.

I have been slightly freaked out all day. Luckily I had a paper to write to distract myself, although I'm not going to promote it as my best work.

Tonight I think a glass of wine and some mindless telly whilst cuddling with my kids on the couch might be in order.


Sew4Fun said...

{{HUGS}} Keely, I understand the feelings and emotions that overcome you as a mother, especially when sleep deprived. Been there, done that with both my kids. I was an emotional wreck with my daughter.

Be glad that the doctors are on top of it and you are in capable hands. If there was anything to worry about they'd be doing every test under the sun now, and not waiting. {{HUGS}}

Sue said...

Sending out good thoughts that all will be well!

Judy Ross said...

HOLY CRAP! And your so-called best friend was too busy making a boat cover to talk when you rang. Why didn't you say something!? You poor thing. Hope you and S (and the car) are all better soon. Sending BIG HUGS xxx

Kat said...

Sending positive vibes across the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Hi Keely.Not pre-empting the drs etc, but our DD had a huge lump on the side of her neck when she was about 4 (now 30+),and when we saw the specialist he thought that it might be a calcified(think that was the word) gland. DD had had a lot of tonsillitis up till then.(Finally had them out when she was 18.) We opted for a biopsy, and that's exactly what it was. There were 3 glands removed in all- left a now-faded, thin scar that no one notices anymore. This sounds like a possiblility in your DD's case, so I hope it is as simple for you as it was for us. It is incredibly frightening before you know- I'm thinking of you.Hugs.

Anonymous said...
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