Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh my! Two months? Really?

It's been a while since I posted hasn't it?!

I've been busy studying and getting serious sewing withdrawal. Chocolate just isn't cutting it as a substitute, darn it. Shame too, because I have, ahem, had fundraiser chocolate bars sitting on my table, so you'd think I'd have been home and hosed. (as a side note, if you munch away on blue M&M's, be sure to check the mirror before leaving the house.... cyanosis is not a good look at all!)

I've managed to squeeze in dribs and drabs of sewing, but nothing great. I whipped up a 'quick and dirty' tunic for DD2 to her own design. When I say 'quick and dirty', I mean it. Take a remnant of printed satin, fold in half and cut out a neck hole, fold in a small allowance and stitch, sew up side seams to armhole height, finish armhole edges and hem. It looks like a pillowcase with holes cut in it, lol.

Then DD1 was in the school musical and naturally needed a costume. Luckily the only thing we couldn't get out of her wardrobe was a sparkly disco skirt and a bright, short skirt. A quick trip to Spotlight for some sequinned fabric, a dig in the stash for the matching nylon lycra, and a short time later she had an easy, elastic-waisted, reversable skirt. With the short costume change times I made it so that the lycra could be pulled up and flipped out for the non-disco scenes.

I also got started on my 'sweater' remake. I'd started out with a v-neck top, cut it up the centre front and that was as far as I'd got for the last, um.... too many weeks. I've now added bands to the front. I've still got to do the neckline. Then I'm not sure. I'm making it up as I go along. I haven't even decided how I'll fasten it. This is my 'muslin' so to speak. I wonder how it'll turn out. ;)

At the moment I'm contemplating a top I bought:

I bought it specifically for the cardy part and with the idea of cutting out the false shirt front. I mean, how easy is that? All I need is a pair of scissors, 5 minutes, and I'd have a cardy. However, DH likes it as is (tho, he's also terrible at imagining what things could look like). The problem is that I'm just not a frills person and the ruffles on the front irritate me. I keep looking down thinking there's something on my shirt, lol. This would probably be worn over all those Ottobre tops I'm going to be making after exams.... ;)