Saturday, March 7, 2009


What is up with these?!

I came across a post about these on a blog I've just found - Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too

How the models walked in these is beyond me. (Video here.) The pink glittery pair about half-way through just look too cloven-hoofed, devil-goat to me!

Given the pain normal style heels give me, I think I'll give these a miss. :)


Sherril said...

OMG! Of course the designer who required the models to wear these ankle breaking horrors had perfectly respectable flat shoes for himself.

Anonymous said...

One word-creepy!

Rhoto said...

The models LOOKED pained!! I know they dont' smile, but this looked different. Reminded me of Chinese bound feet :(
The fashion show was beautiful--full of fantasy, not wearable clothing, as usual, eh.
Thanks for sharing!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Judy Ross said...

Reminds me of shoes I saw pictured somewhere which mimicked a ballerina en pointe - but with heels to keep her on her toes. I don't think they were intended for walking!

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeee! My ankles are turning just thinking about it!

Kat said...

Paris Hilton can have these! You won't find them in my closet though :) .