Thursday, March 5, 2009

It works everytime - as soon as I sew a heap of cold weather clothing (or nightwear) the weather turns hot again. :) Maybe I should hire myself out. I can see a lucrative income from sports teams, parade organisers.... lol.

The magic wardrobe strikes again! And very quickly too. :) I've worn the brown Ottobre cardy 4 times already. For some reason, I feel like I have no other jacket/cardigans to reach for. I will hasten to say, that I didn't walk around half-nekked up till now! Just that I've gone off, got bored with, or plain old worn out most of my other choices. (I really didn't want to spell 'n_ked' correctly! Think of the blog trawlers that could attract!)

On my desk I have a jumper waiting to be refashioned into a cardigan. After seeing some at a market, I felt very inspired. Now I've reached the point where I've overthought it and don't know where to start. Meanwhile other sewing ideas are whirling around in the grey matter, university has started back and my sewing time has decreased dramatically. If I don't want to end up completely under-dressed for the weather and all 'nippy noodly' (from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging - I can be young and hip. I can. I can!) I'm going to have to turn out something else to wear.


Judy Ross said...

Um, could you please keep sewing winter clothes? It was lovely at the beachside cafe today (apart from the fact that you were at a lecture instead of with us). ;-)

Sue said...

I have a similar problem but based on getting the dog's hair cut. On Wednesday it was in the mid 30's when he went in for a haircut, overnight it dropped to 11 degrees - poor hound with no fur! It happens every time!