Sunday, May 22, 2011

A coat, a coat, some chocolate for a coat...

(Apologies to Shakespeare)

It's rapidly becoming winterish here and after shivering away with the knowledge that my schedule was not going to be allowing any coat sewing I came up with a brilliant plan - buy the biggest bag of Reese's Pieces I could find and bribe Judy to make it for me help me make it at her place (tho' who are we really trying to kid here - my 'help' will consist of opening packets and nodding wisely as Judy explains techniques).

So, pattern - Vogue 8626 which has a nice pleated back detail, the collared version.

One visit down and there's progress. A muslin has been examined, Judy has approved it and was very tactful about the modifications she will be making to fit my broad back, full bust and the hollow chest that occurs above the ample aforesaid bust. And perhaps stitching the pleats down for the first few inches.

Then came the big decision. Sensible navy cashmere for which I do have a really beautiful satin lining already picked? OR the purple melton I picked up a while ago (yikes - in 2009!) and for which I do have some purple skulls satin set aside for lining, tho I'm still in two minds about that? Judy made the point that purple is cheerful for winter, so I ignored my inner mumsy voice telling me the navy was more practical and purple it will be! Now I've just got to summon the funds to get interfacing and maybe a different lining.

While I was hunting out the various fabrics and patterns to show Judy, I was reacquainted with fabrics which I also have plans for and I was reminded that I'm missing having sewing time. Somehow, my planned month off was filled with marking assignments and running around after kids.
Must. Sew. More.