Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last week...

Well, okay.... this post has been sitting, all typed up waiting for photos, for 2 weeks now. So, lets just call it 'Last fortnight....' :)

Week 1:
What does 15 minutes at a time get you?

The sleeves got sewn into the check shirtdress. When DD tried it on I found it was a bit tight across the shoulders so I let the back armscye out a smidgeon to provide a bit more ease. It's still sitting on the desk waiting to be finished...

Oops, you can tell this has been sitting 'folded' on my desk for a while. It still needs the hem done, belt loops, belt, and buttonholes. All those buttonholes.

I dug out and hemmed a UFO - Jalie 2682, to wear out to dinner on Thursday a week or so ago. (Sorry, the photo quality is a bit rough. That's what happens when my photo helpers are all tucked up in bed.)

This top was sewn over a year ago and I blogged about it then. When I looked at it I realised that I'd shaped the sides after I'd taken the original photo. It only took me a few minutes to hem this and now I have another top to wear. Tho the static cling factor of this one is irritating, as you can see in the photo. I'm definitely going to make this top again in a better fabric. BTW, a year ago DH said he didn't like the seams in the back. Now he does. Men!

I've also cut out another Ottobre gathered neck tee. This is my favourite pattern for tees and I like having a TNT that I can just pull out to make. I'm hoping to squeeze this in around a couple of big assignments that are due soon.

Week 2:
Hmmm, the assignments are still being worked on - 18 books for one alone! Ah, the joys of understanding social cleavage and electoral behaviour. There has also been a third assignment added with short notice by an ever-so-kind lecturer (sob). Today I read a news article about the link between stress and weight gain.... oh dear. Just what I need - another thing to worry about! ;)

No progress on the shirtdress or the Ottobre tee. Both are still sitting beside my desk.
However, I did borrow a Burda magazine from Judy to make a copy of a cardigan she made as a copy of one another friend bought. In a couple of 15 minute (or slightly more) blocks I managed to get this traced, adjusted and cut out. I started this with no idea of whether this would suit me and DD1 has been kind enough to tell me that it looks like an old ladies cardigan, but I'm ignoring her. Again, this just needs hemming.....It's sitting beside my desk.... (And this, folks, is how you end up with a pile of UFO's.)

So, 15 minute blocks are getting a bit of sewing in. The biggest problem is trying to fit in the 15 minutes. Too often this means I am sewing at 2am. Not the best idea. Also not such a good idea is sewing while cooking dinner. I know this from bitter (well, burnt) experience.

This weeks goals - write an assignment by this Friday, then 2 more by next Thursday. I was going to aim for earlier nights, but I'm thinking that may not happen this week. I'm going to see if I can steal time to hem my cardigan. Maybe if I rope in a child to mind the oven? :)


Judy Ross said...

I like the Jalie on you! Thanks for the reminder that I want to make another one for myself.

Shirtdress also looking good. If you come to girly day at J's on Sunday I'll do your buttonholes for you ;-)

Keely said...

It's tempting, and I would happily take you up on that - but I think uni would think the essays (at 20% each)are slightly more important than sewing. :(

Aless said...

Good to read your blogging again,Keely. You are doing amazing things, and finding time to sew is one of the most amazing! I'll keep checking back regardless.

Kat said...

Hey--15-minute blocks work! Just a little goes a long way :) .