Friday, September 19, 2008

A Frustrating Week

Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two - and if you're my DD, you forget to duck and get hit in the head - again. (Or, you walk into a wall. )

After yet another visit to the ED with DD2 (this time she got an ambulance from school ) I'm threatening to buy her one of these....

or wrap her in a big roll of bubblewrap - it even comes in pink

Somehow we have to stop her "bonking her boko" as my Nanna would say.

Needless to say, no sewing, or schoolwork, has been done. (No housework either, but that I'm less worried about.) The closest I've come to anything sewing related is tracing off a pyjama pant pattern for a teacher at school for costumes. Even then, I'm afraid I did a quick ducking out of sewing the things. I don't feel too guilty about it. After all it's not my child's class and there are other mothers who sew at school, and I've sewn about 80% of the costumes over the last 10 years......... Ah well, at least it'll be easy to avoid the teacher with DD not going to school. :-)


Dawn said...

Yikes, I feel for you. Hope she's okay!

Sherril said...

I sure hope you have great insurance. Knock on wood, my 14 yo son hasn't ever been to the ER and hasn't even ever needed antibiotics. I just know the day is coming though. Your poor daughter. I hope she doesn't get lots of headaches after this.

Keely said...

Sherril - Thank goodness NZ has mainly free healthcare (well we pay for it through taxes). Because these have all been accidents, ACC (Accident Compensation) covers all the costs, including ambulance and any rehab (which knock on wood will be unnecessary!). I'm hoping this is DD's one and only run at being accident prone, but she's an active kid and totally fearless so I might be overly optimistic, lol.

Kat said...

Yes, add the helmet AND one of those plastic face guards, and might as well throw in a bigger glove ;) . I tell you, this is always my biggest worry--injuries! Especially if they are not paying attention for even a split second.

I'm hoping all will be well and your daughter returns to play quickly. And maintains that fearless attitude :) .