Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still waiting....

.... for my Ottobre Woman magazine, although not quite as eagerly as Judy is waiting for my Ottobre magazine and all those maternity patterns. ;-)

.... for some sewing time. To quote Carolyn I got the "Wanna Sews" bad! I have spent the last week working on assignments in my spare time. They're coming thick and fast for the next 8 weeks or so, which means it leaves the way free for my DD at the sewing machine. She is sewing a bag for sewing class at school and complains because they don't get enough time (there are 3 to a machine). Knowing she can use my machine at home, she has been letting her friends use the school machines first. I think there's an ulterior motive - she claims my machine is easier to use.

.... to win Lotto - aren't we all?! It might help if I actually bought tickets though.

.... for someone to free the housework elves that I just know want to come to my house.

One thing that has been accomplished is the start of the um, 'vege garden' (that's being extremely polite about our attempts). DD#2 and I dug over the clay and added compost liberally and have optimistically planted Spinach and Silverbeet to start with. We also have Brussel Sprouts (NOT the kids pick), Broccoli and Broccoflower waiting to go in. I am not expecting great results because the "dirt" is pretty poor but you never know. I think we'll get better results in another couple of years. DD, however, really wants it to work. She's only 7, so I can see a few items from my DSis' wonderful garden being transplanted if the results are disastrous. We're also going to do some bean sprouts for a really quick result. Yum.

A big Thank You for all the nice comments on my red top. And apparently there are quite a few who would have my report card too. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who's easily distracted and sews like a turtle at times. ;-)


Judy R said...

You know, I'm looking at that pic of me a couple of weeks ago and thinking "Gosh, I've grown a bit since then!", so yes, I'm even keener for your Ottobre than you are! I'm already having to tug down a couple of MATERNITY Ts to meet the top of my (admittedly underbelly) pants......

Aless said...

Don't give up on the garden,Keely.Start a cool compost heap(if you haven't already),using lawn clippings,prunings,vegie scraps, and add that result(more fibrous than what you get from compost bins) to your vegie garden.Over a couple of years,you'll find the dirt really improves.(We raised our vegie garden beds by 15-20 cms that way.)You'll get there!