Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had a sudden realisation. Not counting weekends, I have worn an Ottobre (or Ottobre based) top for 14 out of the last 15 days. The one day I didn't was because it was a cold day, so I wore a long sleeve shirt instead. Yet, I'm still thinking I NEED more Ottobre tees.
Hmmm, when can you have too many gathered neck or scoop neck tees? Perhaps I should make the rose top tee next. :)


Sew4Fun said...

IMHO you can *never* have too many Ottobre tees :) , especially if you wear them as you do. I'm the same. I wear my tees day in, day out, hence why I keep sewing them. There is something to be said about sewing wardrobe basics.

Dawn said...

When it works, stick with it. That is why I like Jalie so much. They just work.

nancy2001 said...

Keely that red gathered neck tee shirt is magnificent. Very RTW. I love it. Nancy