Saturday, February 2, 2008

A whole lot of tracing going on

After the focus I've had lately on kids clothes, I went to bed last night thinking "what next?" And woke up late this morning with an urge to whip up a pair of leggings from red Seaplay (cotton/lycra) from Spotlight to go with the pinafore for Em. :-)

Leggings out of the way, I decided it was about time I did something for me. After all, I did, ahem, buy more fabric for tops for me yesterday. Oops. It's a good thing I'm not in the Fabric Fast over on Patternreview.

Hubby co-operated by taking the kids out to the beach for a couple of hours and I excavated the dining room table. Then I had a quiet afternoon tracing. I started off by making a mastercopy of my favourite gathered neck Ottobre tee pattern (02-2007-04) because the paper version is starting to show signs of wear. Then I moved onto tracing off #5 the Rose top and #1 the tank top from the same issue. Having compared the pieces with the gathered neck pattern, I'm thinking I may have to do an FBA as shown by Belinda on her blog. I'm still not sure though. I might just make up a tank top as is and check it out first. If the fit does turn out well then I have the mesh from a few posts ago lined up for the Rose top. I've also traced off #20 the wrap bodice maternity top. I like the idea of the wrap bodice but I'm contemplating the best way, if possible, to un-maternity-ify it.

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Judy R said...

Meanwhile I'm about five minutes away from needing it as is, and about three more weeks away from having to super-maternity-ize it!

To un-maternity-ize it, I'd smooth off that top curve on the lower section, and fold out the ruching (in several places to make it even), and see if the front side seams match the back. If not, scoop them in a little.